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The first few days


The Keep of Blandorn Manor is a cold place during the early spring thaw, but the main hall is ever colder tonight as the Count of Blandorn Himself lays down the law “I DO NOT CARE WHATYOU THINK OR FEEL ABOUT THIS,WHEN THE WINTER WHEAT IS IN YOU WILL BE BETROTHED TO SIR EDMUND, DUKE OF THREMIRE. THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ON THE MATTER.” His face red with rage he stares at his youngest daughter daring her to defy him yet again.
This is her worst fear, to traded off to some marriage of state to further the FAMILIES place in the Kingdom of Kodar political infighting. Afya, daughter of Count Herman and Countess Krissila, younger sister to Lady Alira High Priestess of Erastil(who many call the lady of light) and Lord Sir Mantick Knight of Mountain Guard(Brother to his comrades in arms and father to many, even though he has yet to marry), and bad influence to her younger and hero worshipping brother Tamrine(a frail boy of thirteen, who is the only one in her family(other than mother) to have her love) knows better to talk back to her father now. He will not be swayed, pleaded with, charmed, or bullied out of this mad idea of Alira’s.
“Yes, father” she sighs meekly.
“What?” the count barks.
“Yes, My lord” she then says with more strength.
“I thought so, now out of my sight before I”
“Herman you are being overly hard on her,” the Countess starts as she interrupts, “She has agreed, let it go at that. It can be hard on a girl to have this happen, do you think I jumped for joy to learn that I was to be sent off to be YOUR wife, no but I learned to love you and my home here, as she will there.”
His face and body soften as he says, “Of course, you are right my love, please Afya I have looked far and wide to find a man worthy of you. He is noble, kind, giving, and honest as they come, his lands are double our own and he brings in ten times what I do annually. His people love him and he has four younger sisters to keep you company after you wed. He has also agreed to foster Tamrine as his squire. His lands are near the sea and only see snow one month a year and not every year. You will be warm, safe, rich, and happy. He will love you and your children with kindness and strength of heart, the readings have all said this. There is no better a match in all the northern lands for any bride to be. However, take the summer to find your peace with it, wonder and have some fun, as I know you want to do. It will all be hear when you get back.”
Those were the last words he had said to her and Afya wasted no time in using them. Now as she stared at the fire of her hunting cabin she wondered if she would ever “find her peace with it”.
“More tea Mi’lady?” Bother Bun Di’ asks, unable to keep the slight sighs of his low birth out of his words.
Before Afya can answer a short green armored thing storms in and grunts out “10 or more riders approach on worgs, it is a hunting patrol.”
“I thought you taught that damn Goblin to speak a civil tongue” growls the cat faced ranger strapping on her boots “whenever he speaks in Goblin it sounds like someone is beating a small dog while it pukes.”
Not waiting for a reply the Gobby grabs his rifle and runs outside. A moment later everyone hears him walking across the roof of the small cabin.
“He said,” Afya starts.
“I know what he said, it just sounds awful coming out, I am joining him on the roof. I hope this ends up better than last time we ran into some one while on one of your ‘hunting trips’” Lady Milah says in her soft purring voice as she grabs her bow and exits.
Afya rolls her eyes, “It was not my fault that that guy had no sense of humor, he just could not take a joke….”her word trailing off as she to grabs her weapons and exits the small cabin.
“I do not care to waste good tea.” Brother Bun Di’ states as he downs what was to be the Lady Afya second morning cup. Not needing any weapons he steps outside to see what the day will bring.



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