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And then.....

YLGS Mondays Jan222013

After the going outside Lady Afya and crew encounter a Goblin hunting party. She soon learns that Tusk-teeth, Gobby’s Worg, has eaten much of a dear that they had been tracking. A deal is struck to fix the problem and soon the Goblins are on their way happy that they got the better end of the deal.
Soon after Aket and Django show up with an unexpected guest, Zirul a druid and local guide. After more tea and much talk they settle on a plan to explore the old ruins of a buried city in the next valley over about two or three days ride away.
The party sets of and makes good time for a while, but then stops for a late lunch on a hill top overlooking the trail they will follow for the rest of the day. No sooner is every one relaxing and eating when the Goblins from that morning decide to attack. It does not go well for the Goblins or their ugly Worgs. Those that survive pledge themselves to Gobby as their new leader. The rest of the days travel goes smoothly and the party makes it to their intended campsite shortly after sundown. Setting up camp in the dark would have been much harder without Gobby and crew. He smile as he barks orders at the hunters that tried to kill him and his friends less than a half day before.



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